With a good chunk of the American population under stay-at-home orders during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) crisis, many are adapting to new ways of life.

Part of that is coming up with new ways to entertain yourself and your family in order to take your mind off things.

Here are five ideas.

Everyone has that closet that has been full of things that rarely get used. Or, maybe that is your garage. Now may be a good time to tackle those chores you had been putting off. Taking care of a mundane chore like this will not only help you tidy up, it will also give you a sense of accomplish.

Stream Live Musical Acts
Since the stay-at-home orders began, many artists have been streaming live musical performances. This gives their fans a chance to enjoy their music and chat amongst each other if they are all in the same digital live room together.

Implement An Exercise Program
Being at home all day can be draining emotionally and physically. Consider adding a new at-home workout into your daily routine to get your blood flowing. Working out consistently can not only boost your health, it can also help your mental capacity.

Expand Your Cooking Skills
This one almost might be a must right now if you are eating at home a lot more. Expand your dish options by researching recipes online and testing your capabilities. The whole family can get involved as it will lead to new experiences and bonding.

Start a Garden
If you are cooking more, why not try to grow some of your own ingredients? Consider starting a garden. It could lead to a new hobby and healthier food options.

We hope your home is providing you a good safe haven while we all battle the Coronavirus.