When someone decides to buy a home – a big decision is already made, but before they think about which Roseville neighborhood to shop, there are some other pretty important decisions at hand.

This includes the selection of a mortgage program.

Before taking that next step, it’s important for future homebuyers to consider four factors that will influence the decision. When they do, they’ll be put on a path to home ownership.

First, new homebuyers should have their financial picture in focus – both for the now and for the future. Remember, committing to a mortgage means making monthly payments toward a large investment. Future homebuyers should be aware of the costs and balance them into their budget to fully enjoy the benefits and joy of homeownership.

Secondly, homebuyers should make a decision about how long they plan to reside in the newly purchase home. This is not always answerable. Depending on the homebuyer’s plan, however, certain home loan programs can financially benefit the buyer given the duration of residence.

Speaking of a mortgage plan, some future homeowners may consider an adjustable mortgage rate. This feature can result in lower interest rates for a certain amount of time. Again, this decision should align with the homebuyer’s plans for it to be fully advantageous.

For those in it for the long haul, a customized monthly payment plan can meet certain goals. For instance, some homebuyers may want to time out the full maturity of their loan with retirement, or once their children reach college age. There are a lot of home-buying scenarios for the short- and long-term gains.

Whatever you decide on, we’re here to provide support and knowledge. We aim to make homebuyers comfortable and confident with their decisions. And, that’s what it’s truly about here at the Char Ruppel Team at Premier Mortgage Resources. To learn more about buying a home in the Roseville area, please contact us.